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Back from Cyprus 2

OK  here is a photo of me at the Wedding. I try to avoid being photo’d nprmally- but you can’t at a wedding when there are only 13 people there.

Me, Gary, Denise & Keith


Back from Cyprus

The Bride and her Brother

Hi folks

Well I managed to get to Cyprus and back and had a lovely holiday. My sister-in-law was married there on 21st April and I have a  few photographs to show you. The first one is my husband Keith with the Bride- his sister Denise.

Then we have the Bride & Groom-Denise & Gary

The Bride & Groom

Then we have the Bride and Groom and their two beautiful girls.

Finally the Wedding Cake I made for the party they had for family & friends when we got back home

We had a great holiday, wedding and party and now I can get back to some serious crafting (as well as a mountain of ironing)