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Chocolate Baroque Alphatags A and B

These are the tags made by Chocolate Baroque Guild members in January. A and B  I will be posting C and D soon.

For more info please check out the Chocolate Baroque Design Team Blog  at   or view Glenda’s blog at

A is For ……………..

B is for,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Chocolate Baroque Tag Swap 2012 February

My entries for the February round of Alphatags

C is for CREATE ART  and D is for Dandelions and Diamonds

Made using TIm Holtz Distress Inks, Tim Holtz Riobbon died with DI , stamps from Chocolate Baroque and Crafty Individuals- all purchased from

The whole of the February swaps will be posted shortly to

Alphatags February 2012

Here are my two offerings for the Chocolate Baroque Alphatag Swap for February.

C is for Create Art  and D is for Dandelions and Diamonds

We have around 30 members of the Chocolate Baroque Guild who are taking part in this swap and if you would like to see the whole offering for January  (A and B) check out

D is for Dandelions and Diamonds

C is for Create Art

Chocolate Baroque Guild Tag Swap 2012

Some of the members of the Chocolate Baroque Guild (CB Guild) are taking part in a year-long Tag Swap called Alphatags. Each member makes one tag for each letter of the alphabet (usually two per month- sometimes three) so at the end of 2012 each member will have a full collection of 26 tags.

As we have 30 members (to date) taking part that means 60 wonderful works of art per month. I will post a selection each day so that they can be seen in  all their glory.

I will start with Elaine Garrett and Gil Edmonds offerings for the letter A

Chocolate Baroque Alphatags

The Tag Swap for 2012 is a year-long swap based on doing one tag for each letter of the Alphabet.  Each Guild Member makes one Tag per letter and sends to the sorter and they receive one of each letter in return so at the end of the year they will have a complete alphabet of fabulous Art Tags.

These are my A and B made in January  (C and D will be done in February)

A is for Ancient Arch and Alphabet



B is for Butterfly Bling


To see all 60 tags made in January please check out