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Birthday Card



Here is a birthday card I made for my sister-in-law’s 50th Birthday


I have used a Kanban Bakground card with a topper made from a stamped image from a set from Stampin’ Up!









Floral Birthday Card

Alphatags H and I

Here are the tags I made for April- H is for Halloween RoseĀ  and I is for Inspire

H is made using a Chocolate Baroque Halloween Stamp and a Voile Rose

I is used using Distress inks for Background and a small floral stamp

The pictures , as I am sure you will know

are Barbara Grey

Tim Holtz


Glenda Waterworth

(owner of Chocolate Baroque)

H is for Halloween Rose

I is for Inspire

Alphatags made by me

A is for Arches

B is for Butterfly Bling

C is for Corinthian Column & Butterfly

D is for Dandelion

E is for Easter Wishes

F is for Fleur de Lys

G is for Gilded Pears

H is for Halloween Rose

I is for Inspire

Up to now I have been posting tags I have received from the talented ladies of the Baroque Guild. I suppose I should post some that I have made- well here they are and I hope you like them

H and I Alphatags

Here are the Alphatags I received for April

H is for Hyacinth by Lesley Ebdon.  This is a wonderfully stamped and coloured image with a beautiful vellum flower attached witha fancy brad.

I is for Inchies by Judith Smith. A crackled background embossed in gold. The four inch-square stampbord tiles are stamped with beautiful miniature images from Chocolate Baroque.

H is for Hyacinth

I is for Inchies

Alphatags H and I collages

Here aare the collages of the H and I tags made by members of the Baroque Guild. Individual photos can be seen on our photobucket album

H Collage

I Collage

We now have 9 out of our 26 letters completed. Look out for more photos

Alphatags E, F & G

Here are the tags I received in March

E is for Elegance

F is for Flowers

G is for Grasses

E is for Elegance by Gina Rees-Boughton. A fabulously stamped and decoupaged lady mounted onto a blended and stamped background.

F is for Flowers by Lisbeth. Wonderfully stamped and decoupaged flowers with the most delicate coloring-in.

G is for Grasses- also by Lisbeth. The Panel of grasses has been ‘sparkled’ very delicately.

Thank you ladies.

Alphatags E F and G

E Tags

 We had to make 3 tags in March they were for the letters E, F and G

We are back to two tags for April   -H and I

F Tags
G Tags

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