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Yet more Cakes.

I have done two Wedding Cakes for celebrations in August. One for 1st August and one for 23rd August. It appears that less is more at the moment.

The Purple Arum lilies were for Lyn and Stanton Gibson who were married at Lumley Castle.

The Cream and Silver Roses were for Kirsty and Shaun Lowther who were married on 23rd August at St Mary Magdalene Church in Trimdon Village, followed by a reception at SHotton Hall Banqueting Suite in Peterlee.





Comments on: "Yet more Cakes." (4)

  1. Your cakes are amazing Margaret. If only you lived nearer to me, my daughter has just announced she is getting married on 1st March next year. It does not leave enought time to get thing like cakes etc organised. On reflection though she’s done just what I did to my Mum and given about the same ammount of notice. My Mum not only made my cake she also made my Wedding dress the bridesmaids dresses, but she catered the wedding too. Thank goodness for wedding venues!!!.

  2. Wow! They are beautiful.

  3. Your cakes are amazing Margaret, it’s lovely to see traditional cakes coming back. Hannah had cupcakes for her wedding last year, they were lovely but I do like a traditional cake
    Jackie x

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