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Latest Wedding Cake

Yesterday saw the marriage of our nephew, Christopher Iddon to Kay Hopper. It was a great day with the ceremony taking place in the register office, South Shields, followed by a reception at The Marsden Grotto, also in South Shields.

This is a venue carved out if the cliffs and you take a lift down from the cliff top to the bar and Restaurant. This opens out onto a terrace with the beach and the sea just feet away. Here are a few photographs of the day.


Christopher and Kay

Christopher and Kay


Kay and her mother Sue


Wedding cake by Me









Views from the venue, we were really that close to the beach, down 3 steps



Elizabeth,Christopher, Kay and Amelie cut the cake, Amelie had managed to get soaked in the sea!!



Paul Iddon, Tim Iddon, Kim Waterhouse, Christopher Iddon and Leigh Bell. Cousins all together


Derek and Heather Iddon, Denise and Gary Wearmouth, Me and Keith.

All in all a great day was had by everyone.



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